niedziela, 15 lipca 2012

Windy Bossa Nova

Woke up too early , five past six
The spoon echoes loudly in my coffee
Two big black crows are keeping their gig
Behind the window wind starts blowing

Now on a windy day
Papers are haunting me
Each thought is torn away
How long this all is gonna be
'Cos on a windy day
Trees hum their solemn song
My thoughts all crack in vain
Isn't this going to be too long?

Whisper and whisper, whine and whine
My heads resonating with that mourning
Maybe there's somewhere where sun can shine
But here no rays, no beams, no glowing

Now on a windy day
This isn't going to be too long

One day I'll wake up right on time
And hear  nothing more but my heart's beating
I'll open the window, the air's so fine
I won't remember about weeping

'Cos  on a suuny day
Black birds don't visit me
Each thought is here to stay
Blossom smiles and
The Sun is shining on sunny day
Every step comforts me
And I think I'm here to stay
Maybe it's better to let it be

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