niedziela, 17 marca 2013

Challenge Day Seventeen / Like / Despise

Day 17: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme. It can be a poem in verse or not. "Tell it slant" or not. I found:
'Even such schemes as the terza rima ("aba bcb cdc ded..."), used by Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy, have been considered too difficult for English...' (Wikipedia)

Well, then: 

Do you like me or despise
Since we walk in different shoes
Are you tolerant or biased?

Words of hatred are my muse
That's what I am often told
For I keep my different views

To love 'others' - really bold?
I love God, my country, kin...
Having told that I feel cold

But don't tell me it's a sin
Not to sing a rainbow tune
Or refuse to always grin

Let me love you like a June
Truly varied but still mild
Don't change the way I'm hewn

Well, my minds have suddenly piled
And I feel I'm missing point
So I'll stop till they're compiled...

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