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Challenge Day Ten / A Family Reunion

“I’m seventeen my looks can prove it...”
 [I’d Rather Be High (David Bowie)]

A family reunion

'He'll end up like his father
And should sit tall and straight'
'At least until forty do bother
About your looks and weight'

He says nothing
Sipping his coffee

My father is sity-six
He thinks he's like David Bowie
Still able to pick up chicks
Still proud and stern, nor doughy

He smiles broadly
Sipping his coffee

I'm eighteen, my looks may cheat you
I'd rater not talk about age
I'd rather keep away from a pew
I still may turn over the page

I shut up quickly
Sipping my tea

The young one's kiling time
Delicately skimming the screen
A distant bell will chime
Oblivious to our spleen

Day 10: Pick a one-line song lyric to serve as an epigraph to your poem. Then, write the poem to accompany it. The poem need not be directly related to the song.

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