środa, 3 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (1,2,3,4) / On Bach Marathon

Day 1: Write a short poem (less than 5 lines). Be sure to include at least two strong images. Don’t over think it, just do it!

A man in black raised his hands
And a hive of semi-notes escalated
Kissing the lilac mushrooms on strands
That a dome in crimson emanated

(on a visit in the Royal Albert Hall)

Day 2: Ink stains. Write a poem with pen and ink, quickly, without lifting your pen from the page. Post image if possible. No edits. (Thanks to Robert Fontella for providing this prompt idea.)
Day 3: Just for you. Write a poem to someone and share it with them.

So two in one: Ink Stains, unfortunately no ink around, plus Just For You -  a poem for a conductor whose direction  I'd like to sing under... no way... and how to share it with him?

I'll be victorious, I'll be your muse
Always harmonious, never confused
Will make a fine line my body and sound
For no more than your being around

Dancing energy and...
Moments of outright eccentricity.
And in a brilliant stroke made
The final aria.
Emerge magically
From the echoes.
Of the previous piece -
Solo cello suite
A beautiful delicacy,
Which effortlessly filled the huge spaces.

Look to Craigslist, newspapers, Twitter, anywhere for unintentional
poetry. Using the original text, punctuate and use line breaks to turn it into a poem

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