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Challenge 2 (14) (plus13) / Catherine / Alice

How much power will I gain
In return for naked soul 
And a conscience with a stain?

In my belly there's a hole
Extorted by vacant greed
Solitude is always sole

Are you rich enough to breed?
Are you weak enough to play?
Are you strong enough to bleed?

Others will not shake to slay
Those who dare oppose to them
Long a while laws've gone astray

So don't bid me what I am
I'm not happy to pretend
I'm still feeding on the stem

My back's not the one to bend
My head's talking to itself
Never ever try to mend

Me, when world has gone insane

Terza rima was created by Italian poet Dante in the late 13th century for his epic poem The Divine Comedy. It’s composed of “tercets woven into a rhyme scheme that requires the end-word of the second line in one tercet to supply the rhyme for the first and third lines in the following tercet.” 

It’s sometimes considered too difficult to use this structure in English, but we're going to do it anyway! Today's challenge is to write a poem in terza rima. (You can read more about terza rima here: http://bit.ly/mzBCYi

(Thanks to Agnieszka Majcher for providing this prompt idea!)

write anything?

cranberry juice
drink it, Alice
a cake with a mousse
will make you callous
eat a pill, sweetheart
you'll live forever
wanna a restart?
dare and endeavour

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