czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (17) / Volta Poem

Use volta (a poetic turn) in a poem of any length (it can be a sonnet, or not). For more about the volta:

What brings the biggest pleasure in my life?
What makes my heart bounce in a happy beat?
Money gives a lot but money can't buy
Love of someone that ignores you a bit

With some cash in your pocket you still die
Red juices leaving your vains - not on sale
Neither your most furious foe nor ally
Will buy you years on when you're lying pale

There was this greedy king in ancient Greece
Who died in misery with gold around
And though his being well-off did incerase
No-one'd give a damn for many a pound

And yet, I do hope to afford to dare
Reach extreme goals, taste tops, so hear my prayer

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