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Challenge 2 (5-6) / Pesto / Kiss

Make something. Anything! Write a poem about your spontaneous
making experience.

First times make us petrified
Purified mind blindly seeks its first step
Shall I find the right balance and proportion?
Sharp knives crush the hearts that wept
Released from steadfast shells
Some greenery sinking in oil
So different and yet without spells
Swiftly becoming oneness

Day 6: Martian Poetry. Write a poem from Mars. Describe ordinary things in unfamiliar ways, as through the eyes of someone from another planet unfamiliar with our culture/objects/emotions. (Thanks to Robert Fontella for providing this prompt idea.)

How strange those Earthligs are
They scan each other's iris
And if the acces is not denied
She grips his hair firmly
So that his head can refuse
To accept the gravity law
And in return he uses
His hand to count her breaths
By touching her breast
Until the rate is adequate
To freely exchange the liquids
Sealed in their mouths
Thus they manage to animate
What they call - emotions...
They say they even write poems
About it...What odd notions...

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