środa, 9 lipca 2014


How much power will I gain
In return for naked soul
And a conscience with a stain?

In my belly there's a hole
Extorted by vacant greed
Solitude is always sole

Are you rich enough to breed?
Are you weak enough to play?
Are you strong enough to bleed?

Others will not shake to slay
Those who dare oppose to them
Long a while laws've gone astray

So don't bid me what I am
I'm not happy to pretend
I'm still feeding on the stem

My back's not the one to bend
My head's talking to itself
Never ever try to mend

Me, when world has gone insane

I would very much like you to read once again the poem I posted as the first one here. This terza rhima re-tells the story of a Russian empress Katherine, who was 'sold' as a teenager to her husband's family, never appreciated by her husband. Finally she gained control over the empire and half of the continent in fact, using her wits and - her body. Very contemporary... I just wonder whether she managed to keep at least some of her innocence and original personality....

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