środa, 31 lipca 2013


under the sycamore tree
blisters don't hurt no more
paths that lead to the quay
ideas that go to a drawer
rebels will deaden sense
nightmares surpass the deed
estimate your expense
sycamore tree will concede

środa, 24 lipca 2013

maroon beads dropping
on the keys
my nose
unsecurely seeking
a squeegee
i need to wipe out
the sense of bootlessness
and go bare-foot
through embers of good advice
pizzazz is leaving me
both my ends dripping
looking for a trowel
to lay images from my head
to lay down seeing red

czwartek, 18 lipca 2013

life and other shit
what is where i'm bound to be
why not there
doing what
so down to earth 
like never before
treading heat
looking out for a change of fleet
sticky keys
i'm typing my bread
nobody sees
you don't understand