sobota, 30 marca 2013

Challenge Day Thirty / Ploughing

Day 30: Write a poem employing extended metaphor to illustrate the experience of the last 30 days as you were participating in the challenge.
Ploughing must be done on time
It doesn't matter if you're tired
Or your steps are wearing Hermes's shoes
Ploughing till you find a rhyme
Or a stone most undesired
It's mundane especially without a muse
Ploughing is a silent job
And don't even bother to ask
Anyone to praise potential crops of yours
Hoping to be heard through globe
You keep working, task by task
Unlikely to give up and put your tools in drawers

piątek, 29 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Nine / Sonnet 1

The sonnets are almost all constructed from three four-line stanzas (called quatrains) and a final couplet composed in iambic pentameter. This is also the meter used extensively in Shakespeare's plays.
The rhyme scheme is abab cdcd efef gg. Sonnets using this scheme are known as Shakespearean sonnets. Often, the beginning of the third quatrain marks the volta ("turn"), or the line in which the mood of the poem shifts, and the poet expresses a revelation or epiphany.

Sonnet 1

Should love be sacrifice or freedom's act?
Or maybe we need both to make love true?
No vows and yet as if there was a pact
That makes our pillows and duvets like glued.

Is sharing our affections for the weak,
Though often it does happen through the Web,
That string which even when we rarely speak
Gives us the strength to make another step?

However, if it is inertia just
Does that mean we deserve to be laughed out?
When love's cooled down and we've forgotten lust
Can we still claim that our love is stout?

So give me days and nights, take mine, and so
We will go on, will give, but never owe.

czwartek, 28 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Eight / scream

Day 28: Visit a virtual museum gallery and take a look around until you find an object that intrigues you. Write a poem inspired by the artwork.

Well, this has always inspired and intrigued me....

My  Scream

when empty air is your only companion

silent response to your point pierces your ears

and you are your greatest indifferent foe

a winding path leads to a void full of tears

termination of infinity to and fro


środa, 27 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Seven / Ode to Mr. P

Day 27: Write the poem you’ve been too afraid to write. 

Hello Mr P.
I've got a crush on thee
I'm not a woman who
'D ever say that to you
But honestly I need
To satisfy my greed
So to my deep mind's eye
I am moving my thigh
I am biting my lip
And undoing my zip
I'm all like velvety thrill
Full of crave and good will
And you are somewhere there
With all your charm and flair
With glowing sparks in t'eyes
I'd say it's paradise
But that sounds so naive...
So, am I able to cleave
A crack in your attention?
...I guess it's just pretention

Witam, panie Pe
Chyba pana chcę
Nie jestem taka śmiała
Bym to powiedzieć miała
Ale szczerze przyznaję
Zachłanna pozostaję
Więc w wyobraźni widzę
Jak dolną wargę gryzę
Przesuwam wolno udo
Rozpinam na plecach suwak
Jak aksamitny dreszcz
Łaknę i dawać chcę też
A gdzieś tam jesteś ty
Masz urok, polot i
W oczach ogniki migają
I czuję się jak w raju
A jakie to naiwne....
No więc, czy kiedyś wytnę
Rysę w Twojej uwadze?
...No co ja Ci poradzę?

wtorek, 26 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Six / share a view accused of fashion brands

Day 26: Gather some magazines/catalogs you don't mind cutting up and spend 10 minutes flipping through the magazines/catalogs looking for words/sentences that spark your interest. Cut out the words as you go. When the 10 minutes are up, arrange the words to piece together a cut-up poem.

share a view accused of fashion brands,
gangsters look like my dad,
anticipated treats search words,
lovely shots reconnect red light,
former brilliance cannot duck,
triple pack landscape left and gone,
enemy action, coffee taste, limited edition,
crap, health, Secret Service -
- things that make you go hrmm

poniedziałek, 25 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Five / pistachio ink

Day 25: Write a poem that includes all of the following words: pistachio, ink, pebble, weather, varnish.

I wanna get a pistachio ink
To write I still hope
To win a victory in a blink
To weather and cope
With a pebble rain
And never get varnished with pain

Chcę znależć pistacjowy atrament
Żeby napisać, że wciąż mam nadzieję
Odnieść zwycięstwo w mgnieniu oka
Przetrwać burzę i zmierzyć się
Z deszczem kamyczków
I nigdy nie pokryć się werniksem bólu

niedziela, 24 marca 2013

Because I Love You

Day 24: Write a poem that's different in some way from anything you've ever written. Take a chance! Be wild! 

Because I love you
And for twenty years
I didn't have guts to say so
And the sensation grew
Despite the smears
And an occasional woe
Though we don't get
Any younger or smarter
And we don't deserve one another
Time's to pay off the debt
If we still want to charter
The vehicle of love rolling further
So I'll say, 'I love you'
Like an rusty old ring
That'll never come off without cream
And know, whaterver you do
To you will I always cling
Because, well, of you I dream :)

Ponieważ cię kocham
A przez dwadzieścia lat
Nie miałam odwagi, by tak powiedzieć
I uczucie rosło
Pomimo smug

I biedy od czasu do czasu
Choć nie stajemy się
Młodsi ani mądrzejsi
I nie zasługujemy na siebie nawzajem
Czas się na spłatę długu
Jeśli nadal chcę wyczarterować
Pojazd miłości toczący się dalej
Więc powiem: "kocham cię"
Jak stary zardzewiały pierścionek
Który nigdy nie zejdzie bez kremu
I wiem, że cokolwiek zrobisz
Ciebie zawsze będę się kurczowo trzymać
Ponieważ, cóż, o tobie śnię 

Challenge Day Twenty - Four / A Different Poem

Day 24: Write a poem that's different in some way from anything you've ever written. Take a chance! Be wild! 

A Different Poem

Ages ago, somehere in Po
Land, when people worshipped sun
And wind and weather and so

High on a hill where always chill
Ing breeze stroked woods carefully spun
Stood an old temple like thrill

You had to climb to be at prime
Hour before the sacrifice'd been done
And by the time the ancient horn'd chimed

Witches would fly here for a long while
And ever since, I know, the magic's won
And I can feel that's where I live - and die

sobota, 23 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Three / fresh air for the body

Day 23: Write a seven line poem that begins with "it’s true that fresh air is good for the body" (from Frank O'Hara's poem "Ave Maria") and ends with "this is our body" (from Gary Snyder's "The Bath").

it’s true that fresh air is good for the body
unlike fumes or some other fresh items
like fresh shock or fresh diagnosis
we always welcome unwanted
regardless of the prognosis
we're always frightened
for this is our body

piątek, 22 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - Two / My Golf

Day 22: What is the first car you bought/drove/remember? Write a poem about it. 

To - My Golf Two

So, I said goodbye to you
Faithful metal friend
You cunning shape in blue -
Not any chance to mend
Forgive me I've forgotten
To feed you many times
Now you are old and rotten
But still feel it's a crime
To give you to another
You gave me some grey hair
But anyway I'd rather
Still keep you in my care
You made me a real traveller
A master of the roads
Not someone's silly passenger
Not a tired chaser of toads

And now I've learnt by chance
You have become a tramp
And old slut illegally dumped
That never's going to prance...

czwartek, 21 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty - One / death at the mountains (2)

death at the mountains (2)

mischevious void trespassed like a bear
keen to solidify you to concrete
you're dazed for what you lust for
cripples you and the clock's murmuring
hopeful? - not any more

Day 21: Select one of the poems you've already written as part of this challenge and revise it by choosing all new verbs.

środa, 20 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twenty / A Childhood Memory

A Childhood Memory

It isn't much
A memory of weightlessness
Yet drifting down and down
Trying to float with
Balls of last breath going up, up, up
Merciful hands of sun
Stretching to reach me
And drag me out, failed
Was I happy when my father's arm
Did a job?

Can't make it a narration, sorry. Just a brief impression on the day I almost drowned.

To niewiele
Wspomnienie braku ciężaru
A dryfuję w dół, w dół
Próbując unieść się z
Kulkami powietrza idącymi w górę, w górę
Miłosierne dłonie słońca
Rozciągnięte, żeby mnie dosięgnąć
I wywlec stamtąd, nie dały rady
Czy byłam zadowolona, kiedy ręka ojca
Zrobiła co swoje?

Day 20: Write a narrative poem detailing a specific childhood memory.

wtorek, 19 marca 2013

Challenge Day Nineteen / Straight and Proud

Straight and proud

Let me iron your mind                      / Niech uprasuje Ci myśli

Let the creases                                 / Niech zagniecenia

On your daily deeds' sleeves    / Na rękawach Twoich codziennych uczynków

Smooth down and vanish                 / Wygładzą się i znikną

The iron of my words will                / Żelazko moich słów popłynie

Float upon the collar of your views   / Nad kołnierzykiem Twoich poglądów

And the little pocket                        / A mała kieszonka

Smothering your heart                    / Otulająca Twoje serce

Well, I may burn it                          / Cóż, może ją spalę

Accidentally - I'm not good             / Przypadkiem - nie jestem dobra

At ironing                                        / W prasowaniu

But let me iron the back                  / Ale pozwól mi wyprasować plecy

So that you always stand                / Żebyś zawsze stał

Straight and proud                         / Prosty i dumny

Day 19: Imagine yourself performing any household task/chore, then write a poem using what you've imagined as an extended metaphor for writing: an Ars Poetica. 

poniedziałek, 18 marca 2013

Challenge Day Eighteen / Bad Singer

Bad Singer

When a note is flat what throat
Can do? Not much, you blew
Your chance, and in a a glance
The queen is gone, the spleen
Is back, again, like thwack
Keep silent then, like diamond

Day 18: Write a poem without any end rhyme, only internal rhyme

niedziela, 17 marca 2013

Challenge Day Seventeen / Like / Despise

Day 17: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme. It can be a poem in verse or not. "Tell it slant" or not. I found:
'Even such schemes as the terza rima ("aba bcb cdc ded..."), used by Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy, have been considered too difficult for English...' (Wikipedia)

Well, then: 

Do you like me or despise
Since we walk in different shoes
Are you tolerant or biased?

Words of hatred are my muse
That's what I am often told
For I keep my different views

To love 'others' - really bold?
I love God, my country, kin...
Having told that I feel cold

But don't tell me it's a sin
Not to sing a rainbow tune
Or refuse to always grin

Let me love you like a June
Truly varied but still mild
Don't change the way I'm hewn

Well, my minds have suddenly piled
And I feel I'm missing point
So I'll stop till they're compiled...

sobota, 16 marca 2013

Challenge Day Sixteen / How Can I

How can I not look forward
To what the breaking sun clings
When busy buses play a chord
Of 'what-the-day-may-bring'
Isn't it worth any knowing?
For yesterday's come to past
And all my sorrows like blowing
That once pushes my breath,
Then never lasts,
Are buried now where the sleep dwells
And morning, cool morning gives
Me a chance to re-write spells
My open eyes like sieves
Let me KNOW - today I shall win...

And what remorses evening adds!
If I had failed in some deeds
Should I forget, ignore the past
No - there are all my rosary beads
Constituing me now and here
So let the old man in their stars stare
Let the horses of the clear morning drive
Away the old regrets, I'll strive
Not for ignorance nor burying my hopes
But for more strength to cope

Day 16: Spend some time with a favorite poem (written by someone else). Write a poem in response to (or in dialogue with) that poem.

My TWO fav. poems:

How clear, how lovely bright,
How beautiful to sight
Those beams of morning play;
How heaven laughs out with glee
Where, like a bird set free,
Up from the eastern sea
Soars the delightful day.

To-day I shall be strong,
No more shall yield to wrong,
Shall squander life no more;
Days lost, I know not how,
I shall retrieve them now;
Now I shall keep the vow
I never kept before.

Ensanguining the skies
How heavily it dies
Into the west away;
Past touch and sight and sound
Not further to be found,
How hopeless under ground
Falls the remorseful day.

The Dawn by W.B. Yates
I WOULD be ignorant as the dawn
That has looked down
On that old queen measuring a town
With the pin of a brooch,
Or on the withered men that saw
From their pedantic Babylon
The careless planets in their courses,
The stars fade out where the moon comes.
And took their tablets and did sums;
I would be ignorant as the dawn
That merely stood, rocking the glittering coach
Above the cloudy shoulders of the horses;
I would be—for no knowledge is worth a straw -
Ignorant and wanton as the dawn.

piątek, 15 marca 2013

Challenge Day Fifteen / Lemon 2

Come, traveller, have a taste of
A sun-kissed gem of terraced alotments,
A proud child of Amalfi,
Though not the sweetest thought of summer,
Whose coins bear a promise
Of good health and endurance,
And its leathery surface lets off
A zealous breeze of immaturity
Won't you get tempted?
- a kilo, please

Day 15: Rewrite (“regenerate”) any poem you wrote in the first two weeks of the 30dpc. 

czwartek, 14 marca 2013

Challenge Day Fourteen / Bad Poem

Love of my life
Don't leave me
I'll be your wife
Believe me

You are my man, my man, my man
And one day you'll understand

I am your girl
Your sweetheart
Your only pearl
So never depart

My soul is scarred
please mend it
I feel like barred
and only you fit

You are my man, my man, my man
And one day you'll understand

Without your touch
I'm dying
Love you so much
I'm crying

You are my man, my man, my man
And one day you'll understand

Day 14: Write a bad poem; make it as lousy as you can, do everything wrong. Let yourself be awful.

środa, 13 marca 2013

Challenge Day Thirteen / Snowman

Bye bye grey old snowman,
Let you body melt down.
Your carrot nose is tanned,
But why you show this frown?

A spring has enterd the yard,
Invited blossom and sun.
So go away, don't retard,
See you next year, have fun.

When winter is about,
You are most welcome guest.
But now we look for a sprout,
And you wil be detested.

Bye bye grey old snowman.
You've been my dearest friend.
If everything goes to the plan,
Well, we shall meet again.

Write a poem that a child would like

wtorek, 12 marca 2013

Challenge Day Twelve / 6 Words

My Life In Six Words
Pursuing happiness
Sometimes skewing
Rejecting ghastliness

Day 12: Tell your life story in 6 words

Challenge Day Eleven / What Inspires

What Inspires

Daggers of icicles
Torches of trees in sunset
Whooshing bicicles
Men playing the drumset
Furry bundles
Strolling in the woods
Fragrant candles
Sweaters with hoods
Difficult tunes
Silver trinkets wrapping
Dwarves' runes
Simple table tapping
Talking to you
Smelling the grass
Some new shoe
World coated with glass

Day 11: Write a list poem.