środa, 30 lipca 2014

Suicide Me

Suicide Me

Choking duvet, fluffy hot air
Hiding from days, much time to spare
Ultimate while faithful and bright
Matching a hand closing so tight
Smart move it is, benefits vast
This film of ours needs a recast
Coming to terms with no more me
To land on back never on knee
Promising other endings than loss
Inviting fortune for second toss
What used to be so energetic
Is due to stay still and ascetic
But though my me is aching
Prevent me from suffocating

niedziela, 27 lipca 2014



“The soul is the effect and instrument of a political anatomy; the soul is the prison of the body
― Michel Foucault

Oh boy
I do what I can
I do because I can
Chiaroscuro of life
But we remain
Always half way
Like Heraclitus commanded
Be master or barbarian
Be or not be at once
Make choices
While no choice is granted
No black or white
Greyish is grey substance
That pushes light impulses
Thru dark corridors
Let your body stride
Free of illusion
Can I?
I’m allowed but not able
I’m able but not allowed

piątek, 25 lipca 2014

You think you know me

Cos my face’s seen in the profile

And my nude body hangs

Elsewhere online in void

I say my mind in social

Yet I mind being quoted

I clearly see images

Blurred by my self-confidence

World is on happening

Bleak scenes are bloated

And when I try to depict

Pictures are long gone

Visibility able to inflict

Trapped cognizance spawn

You’re most enslaved broken

Standing in the middle of the open

Green blades weeping in the morning

Cool air unaware storm’s coming

My hands moving my legs walking

Life wears lipstick’n suspended stocking…

poniedziałek, 21 lipca 2014

Down Forward

“Confined on the ship, from which there is no escape, the madman is delivered to the river with its thousand arms, the sea with its thousand roads, to that great uncertainty external to everything. He is a prisoner in the midst of what is the freest, the openest of routes: bound fast at the infinite crossroads. He is the Passenger par excellence: that is, the prisoner of the passage. And the land he will come to is unknown—as is, once he disembarks, the land from which he comes. He has his truth and his homeland only in that fruitless expanse between two countries that cannot belong to him.” 
Michel Foucault, Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason

The son of Titans


Brushes the waves

Where embrace tightens


Daedalus and Icarus

One linked two lands

The other the sun

And the sea waves


Oblivious air-plane

Carries the fate

of freedom unchosen

Why, how not plain

Sea, land fossiliferous

Am I the passenger?

Observed by Little Prince?

Followed by scavengers

Bound to chase reason

Possession and romance?

wtorek, 15 lipca 2014

Senryu Attack ;)

My friends never lie
Unless they’re in Tenerife
Checking sand quality


Smoking teenagers
Three kittens on neighbour’s roof
Do the old play safe?

środa, 9 lipca 2014


How much power will I gain
In return for naked soul
And a conscience with a stain?

In my belly there's a hole
Extorted by vacant greed
Solitude is always sole

Are you rich enough to breed?
Are you weak enough to play?
Are you strong enough to bleed?

Others will not shake to slay
Those who dare oppose to them
Long a while laws've gone astray

So don't bid me what I am
I'm not happy to pretend
I'm still feeding on the stem

My back's not the one to bend
My head's talking to itself
Never ever try to mend

Me, when world has gone insane

I would very much like you to read once again the poem I posted as the first one here. This terza rhima re-tells the story of a Russian empress Katherine, who was 'sold' as a teenager to her husband's family, never appreciated by her husband. Finally she gained control over the empire and half of the continent in fact, using her wits and - her body. Very contemporary... I just wonder whether she managed to keep at least some of her innocence and original personality....

poniedziałek, 7 lipca 2014

Air blemished with heat
Breathes with no hope of relief
Ants stashed deep in sand

środa, 2 lipca 2014


Abundance of fleshy fervour
Ears whisper and shake off prudence
Keen fingers to mirror contour
Wall stands fast rejecting movement
Voracious lover’s eyes advance
Though all they can see is frenzy
Clenching hands get rid of perchance
Rush of erythrocytes and then plenty
Mirages snake chasing compliance
Throbbing chassis and petals swollen
Nude selfhood and full reliance
Bodies upbeat but souls are sullen
With our baffled greed