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Challenge 2 (30) / Latte

30. That's All, Folks

Write a poem where something (big or small, abstract or concrete) comes to an end.

At the beginning the initial
Signed with a frothy topping
So flawless that
Almost untouchable
Going deeper things aren't so light
It gets darker and darker
But one indulges in sipping
Sometimes finds another
Essence or spirit
The moment so endless
A pure power for veins
Yet it must reach a stop
All will approach the bottom
Unless one terminates
Leaving their apetite 
In the state of misery
Whaterver you do
Sticky smudges on the glass
Mark the end of the tasty break

Na początku inicjał
Zapisany piankowym czubkiem
Tak nieskazitelny, że
Niemal nietykalny
Schodząc niżej nie jest tak lekko
Robi sie coraz ciemniej
Ale oddając się popijaniu
Czasem znajduje się inną
Spirytualna esencję
Niekończący się moment
Czysta moc dla tętnic
A jednak, osiągnie kres
Wszystko dosięgnie dna
Chyba, że ktoś przerwie
Pozostawiając apetyt
W stanie niedoli
Cokolwiek zrobisz
Klejące smugi na szkle
Znaczą koniec smakowitej ucieczki

Challenge 2 (29) / Prosaic

Write a prose poem.

These days life's the most imminent. The way to work fragrant of blossom, which, sadly, descends after two days of teasing nostrils. It is soon replaced by juicy grass, silly leaves madly unfolding their damp surfaces to the sun, or just winds coating my forehead like furry hat, though. Some days before I stupmed upon lumps of muddy soil, the scarf choking my throat, unable to believe that this miraculous gift will win over the oblivion of trees. But there I am, walking, legs some decade younger refuse to carry me depressionward, blusterously mocking the gravity. Smell, sight, touch, hearing, I'm even able to taste life in bloom when I stick out the tongue. I keep it out, regardless how many passers-by will reveal their sardonic faces. Let them laugh - I choose life.

niedziela, 28 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (28) / Twitter Status 1

28. TWEET TWEET Write a poem that’s less than 140 characters. If you’re on Twitter, tweet it!

Like fortune's boughs
Endowed with some
See with astonishment
As mountain bows
For you to crumb

Challenge 2 (27) / Earring

Spend some time with an object you feel connected to. Write a poem using the object to construct an extended metaphor. For more about extended metaphor:http://bit.ly/xSuQbw.

Precious Vevka's earring
The grey oxidised cloak
Hides more than a thing
A wire wrapped around
A wire that smothers
Another silver in a frown
A value so unique
A beauty so transitory
That you can easily skip
And finally the core
A pure stone, child of nature
No need to want any more

I hang from my life's ear
Astonising and complex
While being simple and clear

sobota, 27 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (26) / Red

Circle all the verbs in a magazine article. Use as many of them as you can to construct a poem. Title your poem with the article's title.

Having warned him
They settled down in sofas
The lobby's so cool
Air conditioning has become
To work properly
All he wants is to disappear
Reduce the amount of air
He occupies but can't move
They, carrying the arms
Inherited, not chosen
Got to govern life and death
Mixing are and have
And he'd never considered
Giving in to them but
Must meet their expectations
What apperared a game
Having evolved in a match
Is becoming a vow
More severe than 
When marrying someone
If he only were
Able to solve it anyway
Should he last or perish?
Are they capable of causing 
Anything that matters?
Who will see if he gets
What he didn't deserve?
Red blood isn't his
Who's dead?

have got are becoming have warned mixing reduce become are disappear last were considered choose ismarrying can move get see work has solved evolved apperared had settled govern cause must inherit carrying meet having"

piątek, 26 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (25) / Form (Where are the Winds)

Form (Where are the Winds)

How many years must have passed
To sort out some things that last
Those should have gone away though
Many, many moons ago
How many wrinkles must come
To understand that it's far and done
Can I keep up with the river's flow
Or rather give up and let it go?

Where are the winds that carry my thoughts away?
Go ahead, my hands, feel and caress the clay
Until you form a better me
And I'll put my mind into it and make you see

How many strings must break up
Until I see the bottom of the cup
With no links no vest no boat
I still feel that I can float
How many cries must have gone
How many sighs before the dawn
To give up trying to let go free
Or rather keep it and make you see

Where are the winds that carry my thoughts away?

Go ahead, my hands, feel and caress the clay
Until you form a better me
And I'll put my mind into it and make you see 

unconquerability, unpredictability, impossibility, undefinability, 
shall I question their attractiveness?
... shall I turn to vanity instead?... diminish...
 find joy in plain matters?

How many men must have passed

To take in it never lasts
But when at last I make you see
Stand by me and never flee

Where are the winds that carry my thoughts away?
Go ahead, my hands, feel and caress the clay
Until you form a better me
And I'll put my mind into it and make you see

Today's task was: 

Write a poem inspired by a YouTube video. If you share your poem, be sure to share the link to the video that inspi…

I tried to make up sth. new, but my muse has gone for a walk, so.... David Bowie... This man has inspired me for a while


Love me, love me, love me, say you do
Let me fly away with you
For my love is like the wind, and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind
Give me more than one caress, satisfy this hungriness
Let the wind blow through your heart
For wild is the wind, wild is the wind
You touch me,
I hear the sound of mandolins
You kiss me
With your kiss my life begins
You're spring to me, all things to me
Don't you know, you're life itself!
Like the leaf clings to the tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me
For we're like creatures of the wind, and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind
Like the leaf clings to the tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me
For we're like creatures in the wind, and wild is the wind
Wild is the wind
 and this song, as well as the video, inspired this poem above last summer... Enjoy.

czwartek, 25 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (24) / Waiting For Magnolia

Instead of writing a poem, compose it out loud. Use a tape recorder, your smartphone, or have someone else write it down for you. Don’t over think it! Spend no more than 15 minutes “writing.”

Waiting for magnolia
To bloom
I count down
The needles
Love Respect Hate
Love Respect Hate
And when the last needle
Is down
There comes the summer
And awareness
Is a bug dwelling in the bud?
Shall I learn it soon?
Let me grate my illussions
Should I sow them
And wait for the next year
To come?
Sould I care less?
Summer's coming 
I'm not sad

Czekając na magnolię
Żeby rozkwitła
Kocha Szanuje Nienawidzi
Kocha Szanuje Nienawidzi
A kiedy ostatnia igła
Poleci w dół
Nadchodzi lato
I świadomość
Czy robal zamieszkuje pączek?
Dowiem się tego szybko?
Niech zetrę na wiór moje iluzje
Czy powinnam zasiać je
I czekać na następny rok
Aż nadejdzie?

Powinno mnie to obchodzić
?Lato się zbliża
Nie jestem smutna

wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (22, 23) / Sentences...

Day 22: True dat. “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.” –  Hemingway. Write a short poem that is also “truest sentence that you know"
Day 23: Post it. Write a poem that fits on a post-it note. Stick it somewhere public. (Don’t forget to take a picture of it before you leave it!) (Just a poem today; a pic of it tmrw, when I have bought a post-it notebook)

Buds preparing
To their opening night
Or rather a day
Always leave me stunned
At how stubborn
Is inevitability
Of life

being afraid of new
is nothing
to be ashamed of
as long as finally
you make a step
not bump your head
against a rock

my fear
my disability
that's fixed most strongly
to my mind's meanders is
being unable to take a life
and that
not everyone is
equally handicapped

 Pąki przygotowujące się
Do swojego wieczoru otwarcia
A nawet dnia
Zawsze wprawiają mnie w oszołomienie
Tym jak uparta
Jest nieuniknioność

strach przed nowym
nie jest niczym
czego trzeba się wstydzić
o ile, wreszcie
robisz krok
nie uderzasz głową
o skałę

mój strach
moja niepełnosprawność
która najsilniej przywarła
do meandrów moich mysli to
niezdolność zabrania życia
i że
nie każdy jest
równie upośledzony

niedziela, 21 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (21) / My Change Haiku

Modify someone else's poem posted from yesterday’s Creative Commons 2.0 part 1 prompt. (Thanks to Robert Fontella for providing this prompt idea.)
Ella Benson Change Haiku

Like the next season
Change is inevitable
Accept it with grace


My Change Haiku

Like passing seasons
Change is just an illusion
Accept it humbly

Challenge 2 (20) / Change

Write a short poem about change. (Please know that we'll be using these poems as part of tomorrow's prompt, so please consider this before posting them publicly.) (Thanks to Robert Fontella for providing this prompt idea.)


Someone brings you a furry bundle
Wrapped up in a pullover, an extra gift
We would give it love and food, and dandle
And it put up all signposts in our life shift
But the most abrupt change will come
When it lies down, eternally quiet and numb...

sobota, 20 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (19) / Life

Write a poem about something you hold sacred

Let's make another life, honey
Let's combine our genes
Won't it be, you reckon, funny
Oh, it will be, by all means
But remember, only once
Are you entitled to give life
And never, ever, make it crack
Because you can't give it back...

Zróbmy kolejne życie, skarbie
Połączmy nasze geny
Czyż nie będzie to, wiesz, fajne
Oj bedzie, z całą pewnością
Ale pamietaj raz jeden
Masz prawo dawać życie
A nigdy, przenigdy, nie psuj go
Bo nie potrafisz dać go z powrotem

piątek, 19 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (18) / Choking

What’s your favorite color? Jot down three adjectives that describe that color. What’s your favorite animal? Write three adjectives that describe that animal. What’s your favorite body of water (general or specific)? Jot down three adjectives that describe the feeling it evokes. Now, imagine yourself in a white room, no windows, no doors, no noise. Write down three adjectives that describe the feeling that evokes. Now, write a poem using all of your adjectives in any order.

bright, energetic, matching
vastinviting, promising
chokingultimate, suffocating

Choking duvet, fluffy hot air
Hiding from days, much time to spare
Utimate while faithful and bright
Matching a hand closing so tight
Smart move it is, benefits vast
This film of yours needs a recast
Promising other endings than loss
Inviting fortune for second toss
What used to be so energetic
Is due to stay still and ascetic
But though my me is aching
Prevent me from suffocating

czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (17) / Volta Poem

Use volta (a poetic turn) in a poem of any length (it can be a sonnet, or not). For more about the volta: http://bit.ly/IoiYLd

What brings the biggest pleasure in my life?
What makes my heart bounce in a happy beat?
Money gives a lot but money can't buy
Love of someone that ignores you a bit

With some cash in your pocket you still die
Red juices leaving your vains - not on sale
Neither your most furious foe nor ally
Will buy you years on when you're lying pale

There was this greedy king in ancient Greece
Who died in misery with gold around
And though his being well-off did incerase
No-one'd give a damn for many a pound

And yet, I do hope to afford to dare
Reach extreme goals, taste tops, so hear my prayer

środa, 17 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (16) / SENSE-ATIONAL

Do you find it difficult to express one sense (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) more than others in your writing? Paying special attention to that often ignored sense, write a poem with exaggerated sensory detail.

When expectations go sour
When salty disappointment
Claims bitterly losing power
Can you give me sweet ointment?

My tongue senses with no doubt
Life can still be delicious
But will there every taste bud
Be subject to, never suspicious?

To savour sugar I need you
Standing up by my side
Like toungue and nose - two
Use both, never divide

wtorek, 16 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (15) / "Elegy" (?)

Experiment with a poetic form. Break all the rules! Not sure where to start? Check out this list of forms: http://bit.ly/3JIt9K
"The traditional elegy mirrors three stages of loss. First, there is a lament, then praise for the idealized dead, and finally consolation and solace."

Oh really
I no longer have it
So what?
Does possession
Form our spines?
My hat of forgetfulness
Erased all the names
And I only guess
He was a fine man
Or was it?
I wish I had remembered
So desperately need to recall
What I have lost
Damn and despair

poniedziałek, 15 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (14) (plus13) / Catherine / Alice

How much power will I gain
In return for naked soul 
And a conscience with a stain?

In my belly there's a hole
Extorted by vacant greed
Solitude is always sole

Are you rich enough to breed?
Are you weak enough to play?
Are you strong enough to bleed?

Others will not shake to slay
Those who dare oppose to them
Long a while laws've gone astray

So don't bid me what I am
I'm not happy to pretend
I'm still feeding on the stem

My back's not the one to bend
My head's talking to itself
Never ever try to mend

Me, when world has gone insane

Terza rima was created by Italian poet Dante in the late 13th century for his epic poem The Divine Comedy. It’s composed of “tercets woven into a rhyme scheme that requires the end-word of the second line in one tercet to supply the rhyme for the first and third lines in the following tercet.” 

It’s sometimes considered too difficult to use this structure in English, but we're going to do it anyway! Today's challenge is to write a poem in terza rima. (You can read more about terza rima here: http://bit.ly/mzBCYi

(Thanks to Agnieszka Majcher for providing this prompt idea!)

write anything?

cranberry juice
drink it, Alice
a cake with a mousse
will make you callous
eat a pill, sweetheart
you'll live forever
wanna a restart?
dare and endeavour

niedziela, 14 kwietnia 2013

Challenege 2 (13) / Recenzja Carycy Katarzyny

today's challenge is a collaborative task... so instead of it I wrote something in Polish:

Po Carycy Katarzynie
Chapeau bas dla aktorów - i to nie za zupełnie niepotrzebne pokazanie posiniaczonych ciał. Po prostu - bo są sprawni warsztatowo i wrażliwi. Wszyscy i każdy z osobna.
Mistrzowie stand-upu: Tomasz Nosiński z monologiem Stasia (bez Nel), oraz Andrzej Plata za Wichrowe Wzgórza w czerwonej sukience. Wyjęte z kontekstu te dwa kawałki rozbawiłyby nawet gimbusa, kwitującego wszystko hasłem: 'suchar'... Czy stand-up to teatr? To pytanie chyba do reżysera, bo aktorom NIC nie mam do zarzucenia.
Król na brzozie - tani. Tyle, bo i tak oberwie mi się za moherowanie.
I jeden wielki żal - skoro REALIZM jest mottem na dziś, to gdzie była oktawa? Kiedy postać grana przez Ewelinę Gronowską-Ośka miała coś powiedzieć na życzenie księcia oktawę wyżej, jej brak dla mnie, muzyka z Bożej łaski, był tak boleśnie zaskakujący, jakby któraś aktorka zadarła halkę - a tam suisiak :(
I choc kocham Alicję w Krainie Czarów - to stanowczo Burtonowską. Co do tej opowieści, to pomyślę jeszcze czy to moja bajka, atrakyjna, w wielu momentach orzącą świadomość... A może jednak król jest nagi? Może to gówno warte? Kto pierwszy? ...Zachwyca mnie mnogość wątkówi aluzji, tak łatwo na jednym z nich popłynąć w stronę samozachwytu: jakimż to inteligentnym widzem jestem.... hehe.... A może to puste pudło, odarte z uroku ślicznego kostiumu 'Królowej Margot'? Chcę, muszę wierzyć, że nie do końca.
Że antydramat? Że anarchistyczny... a może anarchiczny, archaiczny? Że dupą buduje się imperia? Że sami tworzymy potwory wokół nas? A może nie ma żadnego przesłania? BRAK PRZESŁANIA TO TEŻ PRZESŁANIE - z którym się nie zgadzam...hmmmm... Chyba daliśmy się ogłupić, ale nie "Carycy", gdzieś wcześniej - miks reakcji po premierze jest dla mnie tego dowodem...
Czasu wydanego na sztukę nie żałuję, ale moje życie nie przesunęło się ani o milimetr w żadną stronę, szkoda...

Challenge 2 (12) / a limerick

my limerick

There was on old dog in my town
Whose fur-coat was pitch-black, not brown
He was somehow frail
But he grew double tail
To show all the love to his pal