piątek, 22 sierpnia 2014


And those holy
Sacred spirits will descend
Embodied as the most
Amazing creatures
And wing us out
Of our shells
To make us better humans
Or not humans at all
And we need to progress
Carry our arms and armour
Get tougher around the soft spot
Deserve to be rewarded
With a dessert of dialectics or
Better lifeline for our cubs
Gladly retiring from
Own élan vital and lucidity
And only some will
Talk to those rooted
Enter those furred
Stop between the breaths
To find no I in a mirror
And definitions only mark
New void in the middle
Of zero significance

Floating meaning on the surface
Someone’s sinking in the verses
Is there matter in the oomph
Or just a tongue keen to galumph?

Mana is a word in several Austronesian languages which has many meanings. The concept is especially important in Polynesian cultures, and is a major part of contemporary Pacific Islander culture. The term has also entered the Western academy, where scholars of anthropology and comparative religion have written about it extensively. Finally, modern fantasy fiction, computer and role-playing games have adopted mana as a term for magic points, an expendable (and most often rechargeable) resource out of which magic users form their magical spells.

poniedziałek, 11 sierpnia 2014


Influence is Influenza—an astral disease. (Harold Bloom)

To be, or not to be, that is the question—
To be - definitely ends up with congestion
Following our fathers in endless breeding
Race of holy life and possession ceding

To be - an endless ocean that yet has coast
To be – a stone suspended in air to hit
To be – a lamp limping as aught took its post
The greatest creation however unfit

To melt in - evaporate right in thin air
To sleep a centennial dream in a beast’s lair
Choked with lustful apple - waiting for hope
To be or not to be – to give up – to cope?

niedziela, 3 sierpnia 2014


I need to
Iron the irony
Irregularly sketched
With the iron ball
Of the biro
To unfold the
Folding meanings
To stretch wrinkles
Of implications
To make a shortcut
Iron bridge
Between us
Before it’s too late