piątek, 31 października 2014



The night was old, the wind was low
The clouds were shrouding hills afar,
The moon that stabbed some trees below,
A perfect darkness it did mar.

We travelled light, we travelled mum,
Sinistrous turns were forced to take,
Mist showed us sight that made us numb.
Oh, did we pray that it was fake.

Time had its work on this poor cast,
No arms, no ears, like those old busts
Of Greece or Rome, eyes empty, vast,
Not much left of a lovely maid

Between some sycamore trees
Circle of ash and in it
What’s left of her
Life mocked
Left to reappear
Fire into water
Water into soil
Soil into flesh
Or so
And back
And her raw heart
Boosted cruel bravery 
In somebody else’s breast

czwartek, 30 października 2014

Flowers on the Tablecloth

Flowers On The Tablecloth

Sapient scion sonorous splat
Like father like son
Power to gain, power to hold
Smack, stain and fortune spun

History lesson gained
We read, we watch
To discover narrations
Of the victorious

We failed, erased
Are we bound to be
Dynasties of cut flowers
Scattered on the tablecloth
Of God

wtorek, 28 października 2014



Oh, old tyre
Worn out and tired

Black rubber shreds
Bearing a burden
Of fingerprints
From remote lands
Lying still
By the road

A rim
Still reminiscent
Of a circle
Whispering a litany
To All Saints
‘Saint Christopher
Watch our pilgrims’

Oh, old tyre
Worn out and tired

Plain and dusty
Crucified on a signpost
Never to return
Never to turn again
Wheel of fortune
Of the miserable and lame

wtorek, 21 października 2014



I am reluctant
To write
Weathered words  betray
Traces of weariness
And worn-off paradoxes
Resentfully conceived

Impregnated with ideas
Oozing from books
Tugged from shelves
Unwilling to share
Words words words
I painfully pick up letters

Tread with ease, o human child
Fiery leaves will have complied
All the sad rules of autumn
Pass away, the child of clay
Until coming back one day
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand…

piątek, 17 października 2014



I am
Curious about you
Very curious
And my curiosity
Is itching
Like mosquito bite
Shall I scratch?

niedziela, 12 października 2014

A Kiss

The tongue
That never promises
Touches the lip
That never tells lies
Unless asked
Too many questions
So transparent today
Under the remains of lipstick
The balance of tranquility
And mutual longing
Fullfillment yet to come
Promise sustained
I don't wanna settle 
Down with you
Just want a moment
That I settle down
My body by yours
And the organ plays