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Challenge Day Sixteen / How Can I

How can I not look forward
To what the breaking sun clings
When busy buses play a chord
Of 'what-the-day-may-bring'
Isn't it worth any knowing?
For yesterday's come to past
And all my sorrows like blowing
That once pushes my breath,
Then never lasts,
Are buried now where the sleep dwells
And morning, cool morning gives
Me a chance to re-write spells
My open eyes like sieves
Let me KNOW - today I shall win...

And what remorses evening adds!
If I had failed in some deeds
Should I forget, ignore the past
No - there are all my rosary beads
Constituing me now and here
So let the old man in their stars stare
Let the horses of the clear morning drive
Away the old regrets, I'll strive
Not for ignorance nor burying my hopes
But for more strength to cope

Day 16: Spend some time with a favorite poem (written by someone else). Write a poem in response to (or in dialogue with) that poem.

My TWO fav. poems:

How clear, how lovely bright,
How beautiful to sight
Those beams of morning play;
How heaven laughs out with glee
Where, like a bird set free,
Up from the eastern sea
Soars the delightful day.

To-day I shall be strong,
No more shall yield to wrong,
Shall squander life no more;
Days lost, I know not how,
I shall retrieve them now;
Now I shall keep the vow
I never kept before.

Ensanguining the skies
How heavily it dies
Into the west away;
Past touch and sight and sound
Not further to be found,
How hopeless under ground
Falls the remorseful day.

The Dawn by W.B. Yates
I WOULD be ignorant as the dawn
That has looked down
On that old queen measuring a town
With the pin of a brooch,
Or on the withered men that saw
From their pedantic Babylon
The careless planets in their courses,
The stars fade out where the moon comes.
And took their tablets and did sums;
I would be ignorant as the dawn
That merely stood, rocking the glittering coach
Above the cloudy shoulders of the horses;
I would be—for no knowledge is worth a straw -
Ignorant and wanton as the dawn.

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