wtorek, 9 kwietnia 2013

Challenge 2 (7) / Ode to my Regret

 7. I Regret to Inform You. Write an ode to one regret that you have. (For more information
on the ode, visit http://bit.ly/gKG9Aa) (Thanks to Monkeyteeth Art for providing this
prompt idea!)

Ode to my Regret

How bitterly I regret
Not regretting at all
Where has my remorse gone?
Am I due to appal?

Would I be a better person
Saying 'sorry' ceaselessly?
Should clouds deny rains?
Should a radio promise secrecy?

Oh, how I miss my regrets
For it's easier to say 'mea culpa'
Than 'I am what I am' and collect
Ill consequences straw to straw

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